Sunday, September 30, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 260907; Happy Mid-Autumn


Happy Mid-Autumn~~! Did everyone enjoy the Mid-Autumn? Is everyone happy?

I have not been celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival at home for 10 years, I don't remember how I celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival 10 years ago. Hehe~~but this year I feel very happy celebrating it with my parents. Even my friends came to my house, with 10 over people sitting together having reunion dinner, talking and laughing as though we were celebrating New Year's Day, so lively, felt very happy, very very blessed/fortunate~~~

Eating the delicious food all over the world can't be compared to the dishes at home, the dishes at home, I do not eat because of the taste, but because of the strength and warmness of love from my family and parents, it tastes really sweet, sweet inside the heart. That is why I will gain some weight whenever I go back to China, reminds me of my parents' cooking hehe~~~~!! Hope everyone is happy everyday,, must take care of your health, the weather changes are extreme so don't fall sick~~

I love you all~~!