Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hangeng's Diary - 2008-06-24








Wuhan Coincidental Meeting

I feel so bad for not leaving a message for everyone as i've been busy lately, hope that everyone will understand. hehe~~

It's been week since i've returned from Korea and after being in Wuhan twice, I realised the fans there are really warm, thanks so much for the attention and support, although these two trips to Wuhan was very rush, I still think that it would make up to that time which i've missed seeing you all. I wonder if everyone would accept it hehe~~~~~!

This time at Wuhan, I realised a coincidental thing, didn't think that Brother Jia was also in Wuhan organising an event, and also we were actually living in the same hotel, upon hearing this news, I went to Brother Jia's room and chatted for a whole night, and also with Ma Song, Da Zhuo, Li Wei. Because Da Zhuo and Li Wei had to work the next morning, I caused them not to have enough sleep, hehe~~~! Because the event starts at noon on the second day, so i had a longer time to sleep, while at the event I feel mad that others say I'm sleepy, as they look at me, and have nothing to say anymore. hahaha~~~~~~!(Feel the sense of achievement).

Felt so happy at Wuhan, seeing all of you there below the stage makes me feel the warmth, felt so blessed standing on the stage, but there is one point, hope that everyone would look after yourself, and I urge you all not to chase after the car as it is very dangerous, the driver's crazy actions scared me, the drivers themselves were going at a high speed. I was thinking that, why didnt the drivers think that the ones sitting at the passenger seat are kids, hope everyone would take care of their own safety, because of everyone I was able to be on stage, hope everyone would be safe.

And also thanks to the fans who went to fetch us at the airport, I've heard your blessings and words of encouragement, thanks everyone~~~~~! I hope that next time I go to Shanghai, it would be and stage belonging to SJ-M and everyone, I want to meet everyone again on stage, hope that everyone would be happy!!!!!!!!

I love you all!!!

yes i know i havent translated.. i will when i come back later. SORRY!! MIANHAE!! GOMENASAI!!
OKIE~!! i'm backk~ keke.. and back from sch at that. I had to go to and fro from sch and home cuz of my extremely mean teacher!! dang!! juz because my friends and i didnt bring our files, he confiscated our bags and demand that we go home and get our files. Well forget it..

anyways, hanniie, as alwaes, is worried about the safety of the fans!! please everyone, dun make him worried as he is busy enough. insead, make him proud and happy!! ^^ man i'm so happy he updated!! i know everyone misses him!! keke. i ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ HANNIIE AND SUPER JUNIOR!! ^^ Enjoy!!