Friday, August 8, 2008

Hankyung's Diary

幸福的一刻 最美的笑容~!



A Moment of Happiness, The Most Beautiful Smile~!

On that moment of the ceremonial fire today, it's my first feeling so blessed, and this happiness. What I saw t that moment felt so unreal, but it's clear in my heart of that feeling of excitedness and being moved. That kind of feeling can't be expressed with words, felt so blessed and felt like crying? In all the moment I held the lighted torch, I felt it wasn't me, I just don't know how to explain it. Hehe~~~ Up till now I'm still immersed on that short few seconds~~~~~~~~ Being able to have today's experience, and the chance to have the honour of passing the Olympic Torch, yo are all my greatest support, and also thank you so much to the Olympics Commitee as well as the Coca-Cola company for accepting me, giving me this special mission. Thanks to SM for raising me, and not to forget our SJ members in Korea who I have shared this moment with through the media. Also thanks to Brother MinXu for sponsoring me the shoes I wore, saying it would allow me to run my life's most exciting 5 metres, and I did it! This is my first time wearing this pair of shoes and also my last, I will cherish my shoes, clothes, torch and this experience very well~~~~~! I have completed my mission of bearing the torch, I will continue running along with everyone one's dreams forever~~~~~!

I love you all~~~~~~~~!

Ahh~ OMG!! Lik FINALLY!! Hanniie has finally updated!! Whoo~ i've been waiting so extremely long for this!! Yays for our dear Hangeng oppa!! He has done all of us proud, our dear Hanniie, YOU DID IT!! and done well too!! We are all so proud of you!! Supporting you all the way!!

Anyways, it's the Olympics todae, 080808!! And hanniie has updated an olympic-themed layout. here it is!!

For all those who have missed seeing Hangeng running with the torch, here's a small short video. It's an LQ version of Hangeng running. ^^

download here:
Length: 49 Seconds
Size: 1.65mb

Credits: fatheather on youtube and lil_aqua_chic @
Permission approved by Lilo Dearie ^^ And do not take it out.