Tuesday, December 30, 2008

diary // 2008-12-30




Happy New Year

It'll be year 2009 soon, i'm here to wish everyone a day earlier as i have to perform tomorrow,, wishing all a happy new year 2009! Take care! Haha~~~ just came from Hong Kong to Shenzhen, been busy these few days,,, there were so much fans there in Hong Kong to watch our performance,, felt so happy~~~ thanks everyone!!! I also met many friends of the drama team in hong kong, and even celebrated one of the team member's birthday, we have reunited,,, and even chatted happily~~~ it was my friend's bithday yet i received a present from him,, felt even happier! And really thank all those who supported us all the way,,, thank you everyone!

I love you all!!!

Omg another update!! yays!! i miss you hanniie deariie~ lols. well~ Happiie New year everyone!! Hanniie we'll support you all the way!! i love u hanniie!!