Monday, August 17, 2009

Is SJ-M coming out with a 2nd Album??





Greetings From Taiwan

I have been busy due to M's 2nd Album and other performances recently, and also activities, so I'm seldom on the net. I heard that the Typhoon Morak had become very serious, It was shocking~~ I'm very worried about the fans in Taiwan, and also the other ethnic groups, hopefully they can tide through this disaster, and rebuild their homes. Let us all pray for them together! Hwaiting!
I love you all!

omg.. it's always disasters after disasters. At one time was China, and then now Taiwan. Seriously.. it's very scary to see that what's here today is gone tomorrow. So treasure what ever you have yeahhs?? ^^

And as for the SJ-M's 2nd album..
i think they are, well according to Hangeng. Since he stated it in his cyworld. Well i wish them success!! and omg.. my exams a coming.. sigh!! anyways.. I miss Super Junior so much!! because there havent been much news about them these months other than Super Show II. And SM Ent has seem to have gone all quiet.

Oh not to mention, SMTOWN `09 Summer Album is out!! awesome!! and the songs by SHINee, DBSK and Super Junior are awesome, especially during the collab, Seaside. Watch the video below!! I love how their voices sound so awesome all together!! <33