Monday, October 8, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-10-08; Chasing the Light

It has been a long time since I've had a chat with everyone hehe~~ I've been watching a dance competition on CCTV all this while, because my schedule is packed, I don't even have the time to continue watching, had to rush off for my busy schedule every time after watching one or two programs. It caused me to watch it over a period of one week hehe~ Finally it is rest day today, so I get to watch the remaining of it, feel a sense of satisfaction hehe~~~The standard of the dancers are very high now, made my eyes open wide with shock, now I can’t catch up with them anymore~~~~~~

Many people asked me why I took up dancing when I first started learning, my answers were always uncertain and unclear. After watching the all dancers I feel that they are all pursuing one thing, which is pursuing the light of the stage. There are some dancers who dance for a lifetime but they can never really find that light, because they do not put in the effort to look for it, without that effort, they will stay as a group forever. That ray of light is the goal of the dancers, once you reach that goal, once you find your ray of light, and you still continue to work hard, you’ll be able to perform even better even under that light, and that light will be with you forever, which makes you more confident. This will make you more magnificent.

There were two disabled dancers, who danced to the title [[Holding Hands]] in the dance competition this time round and what moved and inspired me was one of the dances, they had used their bodies to express their feelings in the dance where its “beauty” you can call it perfect. These rays of light they are chasing are giving them endless motivation power, making them more confident of standing on this stage. I’m able to feel that, they just treat their surrounding area as an illusion/a dream, confined in their own movements, confined in their own world. This seemed to have an effect on the stage, or rather on every single one of the people. They are really working hard on pursuing the light of the stage, the light that made them more confident of facing challenges, and I believe that the light would be with them forever, making them magnificent and blessed. I wish them all the best.