Friday, November 16, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-11-09; ~~~~~~!

It's been a really really long time since I’ve came here to leave a message, about almost a month right? Keke~~~ I feel very bad towards everyone.

Really busy this month to the extent where I might go crazy,, felt like sleeping when I got home, but at the same time felt like “diving” keke~

Felt really happy seeing everyone at Shanghai, the warmth that can be explained by talking. Had been for photo shoots in Shanghai, became tired until I was dehydrated. The crew and I had become Superman, the first day we arrived a Shanghai, immediately went to the photo shooting place when got off the plane, and it went on until the morning of the second day, where we took the morning flight back to Korea for filming a program, and we took the night flight back to Shanghai again, (only this time I knew what the airport transit lounge looked like), rested at the lounge for 2 hours before we went back to the photo shoot, all the way through the night, felt as though I was in a dream. That was why the look on my face was expressionless. I was the only one who knows how to speak in mandarin there, so I became the translator, where I spoke in Hangul to the Chinese, and in Chinese to the crew. Everyone said I took too much photos that I became silly keke~~~~ sometimes everyone would see me in a dreamy state, hope everyone understands that. And everyone had worked hard for the MV this time, putting in so much effort for the MV, hope that our looks and MV story, airing on the screens, would be shared with everyone.

The weather had gotten colder so everyone wear more clothes and don’t catch a cold, take care of your health~

I love you all