Wednesday, September 30, 2009

update: 2009-09-28


"Haha~~~ some people said that my last post/diary update could be seen, as there were too many "stickers", which we not added by me, so i don't know how to use them. I wanted to remove those stickers, but accidentally deleted the post instead. So sorry about it haha~~~ asked some friends and they told me the stickers could be removed, you've all gotta try it next time. Time to go, wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
I love you all!!!"

okies people.. the "stickers" are actually cute little pictures used by cyworld users to sort of "paste" the stickers on other people's diaries.. the last post had too many stickers on it, over-crowding the whole page, and so hankyung decided to remove them.. so instead of removing the stickers, i think he deleted the post.. o_o oh wells..

anyways.. HAPPY MID-AUTUMN PEOPLE!! go buy some mooncakes and eat them alright?? and i recommend you all to try the Green tea-flavoured mooncake. it tastes really great and delicious. do try it alright?? cya!!