Friday, April 2, 2010

Hankyung to address his future in May press conference

Hankyung to address his future in May press conference
Super Junior member, Hankyung is planning on addressing his future plans through a press conference to be held in May.
Hankyung’s representative revealed through a phone conversation that, “He is currently proceeding with the lawsuit. He will not have any activities until it’s over.”
He also said, “The rumors saying that strong forces are helping him out, or that he signed a contract for an 8-member Chinese group, are all false.”
Regarding the press conference, he said, “We cannot determine when the lawsuit will be over, but we can assume that it will be around April~May. 
In the middle of May, he will have a press conference with Korean and Chinese fans to reveal his further career plans.”
He also hinted about the future, “It is correct that he is thinking about becoming an actor, but we cannot make any assumptions before the lawsuit ends.”
Whatever the outcome is, I’m sure the fans will support Hankyung!
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Whatever it is.. I hope that he will remain in Super Junior. From what I know, Hankyung would not be in the 4th Album i think, cause they have finished recording the 4th Album and would be releasing it in May, which should be around the date where the lawsuit comes to an end. But of course, i hope he does come back to Super Junior. Hankyung FIGHTING!!