Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Heechul Updated His Minihompy

aww.. it's so sad!! poor heechul!!
I miss hankyung too!! sigh!!

On the 28th, Heechul updated one of the photo albums on his minihompy with a anime picture and a long poetic caption. He wrote:Although none of the Super Junior members have publicly spoken up about the situation between SM Entertainmentand their Chinese member Hankyung, it seems like they do know what’s going on and they miss him dearly. Well at least Heechul does.

There is a friend of mine.

The friend’s Korean isn’t the best but he’s amazing at Chinese
This friend’s singing is alright but he is really good at dancing
I like cats and this friend likes dogs
I can’t cook but this friend is good at cooking
I always cursed but this friend always laughed

Now that time has passed, I never did anything good for him kk
It’s making me sorry..
When he was next to me, I never did anything nice to him kk

I don’t self-pity myself usually..
I think I’m just drunk which is why I’m crying kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

It’s a special and sacred thing to have someone beside you
Though I grew up, I never realized that

A lot later….Now I know.. Wow..kkkk

There’s a reason why you should appreciate what you have
Saying “I miss him” is a phrase I can use now. (-┏)
The tears that never came out when I filmed sad scenes
Are coming down painfully now.
It sure seems like he’s going through a hard time. He doesn’t fully say it is Hankyung he is talking about but  honestly, who else could it be?