Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Super Show 3 In Singapore

It's confirmed, Super Junior would be having a concert in Singapore!!
Aren't you guys excited??
Here's a link for more info on Super Show 3 in Singapore
bookmark that page and keep on checking back for updates.
A little bit about the site:
We're a group of people who are admins/staff or Singapore-based SJ forums/sites,
who come together to bring you the latest updates on SS3. We're now known as SS3@SG.

And if for latest updates, do follow us on twitter!!

and if you do have any questions about SS3@SG
such as where to get tickets and stuff and after going to our site and still don't understand
and you're dying to ask us.. fred not!! Here's a link!!
and we'll try to help you as much a possible.