Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Hangeng reveals that he wants to fulfill Lee Teuk’s dream

Two weeks ago, the members of Super Junior made an appearance on MBC’s Chuseok special, “Radio Star Super Show.” On the show, the guys talked about the issues surrounding members Kangin and Hangeng / Hankyung.
Regarding Hankyung and his decision to terminate his contract with SM Entertainment, the members stated, “We still can’t get in contact with Hankyung. We were all very close with him but we are unable to contact him separately. We honestly felt disappointed when reports said that his life in Korea was difficult and that the Super Junior members didn’t take care of him.”
Super Junior leader Lee Teuk also shared his thoughts about working with Hankyung stating, “We leave an empty space for Hankyung. My one dream is to stand on stage with all 13 of us and perform before I leave for the army. I hope for it to happen.”
During a recent interview, Hankyung was asked about Lee Teuk’s dream and responded that he would like to fulfill that dream. You can view the whole interview subbed in English below, thanks to everyone who sent this in.

Source: Allkpop + Youtube: GengBaoChannel + omy.sg

I'm glad he wants to get back with the members. I'm really really happy that he still cares so much about Super Junior. And to add, he doesn't want to bother them too much. WHY IS HE SO POLITE EVERYTIME?? He always puts others first!! You should think of yourself too!! Take care hanniie!!