Friday, November 16, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-11-12; Everyone Had Worked Hard~!

Everyone had worked hard today, the weather is really cold but everyone waited at the airport, thanks everyone~
This is my first time taking part in CCTV programs, felt really very happy but still a little nervous/anxious keke~(I’m called not anxious/nervous)keke~~~~~~~Going to work hard for this week’s program, hope the give everyone the best performance/stage! Happy dictionary Fighting!!

I love you all

erm right.. i dun under stand the line "Happy Dictionary Fighting!!" i juz sort of translated it.. ^^


大家今天真的辛苦了,天气这么凉大家一直在机场等,谢谢你们了~这次是我第一次参加央视的节目,真的好开心但还是有些紧张呵呵~(我叫不紧张)呵呵~~~~~~~今天我会努力做好这一期节目,希望给大家一个最好的舞台! 开心辞典加油!!