Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-11-21; Helping Other's Means Helping Yourself~~~

I was watching SOHU news these few days, and I saw everyone engaging in public welfare activities on their own. This led the reporters to look intently into (gengfan)*, I very grateful to you all, I feel very fortunate with the support of everyone around me, I am proud of having this feeling of you guys. Thank you for bringing my wish to them. I promise that I would help in the public welfare activities when I have chance to. I also hope that more people are able to fulfill their dreams~
I hope everyone would do more activities like this, using their own abilities to help those in need, I believe that through these activities everyone would grow, and change their way of their lives and attitude. Do not use vulgar languages and hurting actions against others, but knowing the right way of treating people with sincerity. And also understanding the sincerity of treating others~ must be able to rationalize problems, to enhance your qualifications, and be more outstanding, helping others means that you are helping yourself, how you treat others is also how you treat yourself~~Hope we(gengfan), will be more outstanding
The weather’s cold so wear more clothes and don’t catch a cold~~~~
I love you all

*I think its something to do with i'm not sure though.
well~ Hanniie i love you!!



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