Saturday, February 9, 2008

Hankyung's Diary ;; 2008-02-08

hehe 幸福~~~~


hehe Happiness~~~~

It's another year already, and one year older now, hehe~~went to the amusement park to play the day before, sat on the roller coaster and vomited when I came down, and I think that I'm really old alrady hehe~~~~~~~ (just joking)
Thanks everyone~~It's so late already yet everyone still celebrate my birthday with me. I feel blessed with everyone around~! I saw everyone's donating to help the Snowstorm Disaster Areas, Saw everyone's hard work (* it's not hard work.. i just dunno how to replace that word.. sorry for the mistake!!) so thank you everyone~ thanks for the presents. This is my best present. Hope that everyone is happy everyday, healthy, lively and energetic hehe~~! Go and take a rest~~ Good Night!
I love you all~~~~~!

(thanks to mimi for this part)
Hangeng (2008.02.08 23:39) And those who have the same birthday as me~~Happy Birthday~~~!
Hangeng (2008.02.08 23:59) Haha The songs on my CY are birthday songs,,, it's so cute~! Feels like everyone is just right beside me hehe~
Hangeng (2008.02.09 00:00) Why isn't everyone sleeping yet? Waiting for the clock to stike 12????????
Hangeng (2008.02.09 00:10) Are you all dancing to the birthday songs on CY played on the computer?
Hangeng (2008.02.09 00:11) My wish is for everyone to be happy everyday, forever blessed~~! Love you all forever
Hangeng (2008.02.09 00:15) In year 2008 I'll be even more hardworking,,,,,,, Everyone go have their rest~~Good Night!

i think i'm too sleepy.. so i cant think.. and i forget everything. I was waiting until Hanniie's burftdae. and finally, so that i can wish him on his cyworld. and from there, i saw his cyworld msg, so might as well just translate it too~ ^^ keke alrights. sorry for the mistake. it's Hanniie's burftdae yays!! and he changed the layout again!! oh and he's so luckiie, he's burftdae is on the 3rd day of the chinese new year!!
let's all wish Hangeng oppa a..
may all your wonderful wishes come true this year!!
Stay Happiie and Healthy alwaes yeahhs??
make a wish a blow out the candles. ^^
Sarang Haeyo Hankyung oppa~ ♥♥