Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hankyung's Diary; 2008-02-01;



Hope everyone can help those in need in the snowstorm disaster areas~~~~~~

I came back to Korea for the performance and the preperation of the chinese album and have been very very busy. The schedule for February is very full, seeing it makes my head spin, i don't even have enough time for sleep, so I didn't leave a message for everyone, feel so bad making everyone worry about me keke~. I saw the news of the snowstorm disaster in the South online, and I wonder what is the situation there right now~ Hope everyone is alright, really wish that this heavy snowstorm would stop, so that everyone could celebrate a good New Year. Hope that everyone and I can put in some effort to help those in need in that area, so that they could celebrate an auspicious, and warm New Year~~
Everyone and I will work hard to help them~~ Fighting(we can do it)~~!
I love you all~~~~~!
so sorry everyone.. i'm late again as usual. when will i have enough free time to check on updates?? but i know.. you guys won't mind right?? keke~ i know as long as i update on what Hanniie updated.. you guys will continue to support me yeahhs?? keke. I'm just so busy at school!! and furthermore, Chinese New Year is round the corner.. on the 7th of Feb. So i have a performance coming up too~ which means rehearsals.. and homework.. and more tests.. cause i failed my Addition Maths test by 1 mark!! just one mark omgomgomg.. well alright.. Let's give hanniie morale support and hope that he can succeed in help everyone. And hope that he can have more free time too.. he's busier than me, so i can't complain. HANKYUNG FIGHTING!! we all love you hanniie!!
wish me luck to okies??