Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hankyung's Diary ;; 2008-02-14



Happy Valentine's Day~~~

It's Valentine's Day today! *And it's also my birthday on the Lunar Calendar. So I wish for everyone and I to be joyful! Hehe~~~~~ Thank you all so much for the support you have given me these two years. Including my family, and also giving the poor a helping hand. I hope everyone will continue doing these, everyone and I will work hard hehe~~~ I'm so fortunate/blessed with everyone's existence. Hope that those who went to my Mother's place today would have fun, and those who did not go you have to understand those who went in your place. In the first time, there would be difficulties. And my ability is limited, hope everyone understands~! ~ There would be other opportunities. I want to continue on with wishing everyone to be happy and in good health! Happy Valentine's Day! And Happy Birthday To me! Hehe~~~~~
I love you all~~~~!


* For us Chinese, we each have two birthdaes, which is on the solar/gregorian calendar and on the Lunar Calendar. That's why we have Lunar New Year ^^ So Happiie Belated Birthdae Hanniie!!

yays. Hanniie updated again. and i was late again too!! sorry guys.. I was busy even on Valentine's. I even had 4 tests on that day and tutorials and choir practice. Erm yeahh i'm in the choir ^^ keke okies.. well at least i'm here right?? HAPPIIE belated VALENTINEs DAE to Hanniie and all your readers.

Hanniie Sarang Haeyo Yongwonhi!! 我爱你!Happiie Burftdae!!