Saturday, April 12, 2008

韩庚的日记 ~ Hangeng's Diary ;; 2008-04-10






This is my first update when I got back to China, immediately came here to leave an entry for everyone hehe!! This is my first time here in Nanjing, seeing the fans in Nanjing feels very welcoming, seeing you all makes me really happy~~~ and those who went to await the arrival of the plane had worked hard, I hope you all understand that we didn't walk through the exit because of everyone's safety. Now there are still so many fans at the hotel that I'm staying at hehe~ I've heard you all calling out my name haha~~ thank you everyone!!!

Is everyone satisfied with our publicity of the albums these few days? Hehe~~~~~~~ Alright I will not go on anymore because I still have to go to Guangzhou, I'll go to sleep first, everyone must also hurry up and rest too~~ No matter what, we'll all continue to do out best, continue to look forward, hope everyone believes in me. Everyone is my all and motivation, I will do you all proud

I love you all forever~~~~!

this is so great!! hanniie has updated ^^ and poor him.. so busy flying here and there. and still he's worrying over the safety of everyone rather than himself. and look~ his cyworld is also changed. ^^ and it's still blue!! aww.. but i miss the one before.. cuz it's so cute!! keke~ I miss hanniie~ let's hope that everything goes well for him!! Let's all work hard together everyone!! FIGHTING!!

oh and i'm worried about one more thing. Wonder if you all heard but the torch relay thing seems relleh dangerous now. I've seen so many torch carriers on TV and about the people suddenly "attacking" them. I hope none of this happens when Hangeng is running. Yes.. hope everything goes well!!

韩庚哥哥~ 加油哦!! 我们都在支持你!! 我爱你~!! FIGHTING