Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Super Junior M

well.. i know you all have heard of Super Junior M already right??

Watch the new MV here.

I gotta sae.. it looks kinda cool!! I miss Kyu~ oppa!! and Ryeowookiie's so cool here!! And Donghae and Siwonniie and HANNIIE OPPA!! but i was sort of disappointed that they remade "U".. cuz i think they should start off with an original one indtead. "U" is the best song from Super Junior.. but remaking it?? gosh.. it just can't be helped. i wonder if Zhoumi and Henry are official SJ members or juz SJM ones?? What do you guys think about SJM?? I wanna know. ^^ And why wasn't Kibum added into SJM?? aren't Kyu~ oppa and Ryeowookiie already in KRY??

Actually.. i feel kinda sad for Hangeng.

" 但这2个月没有白忙,终于可以看到结果了,我一直都期待这一天,这一天不光光代表发行新专辑,也代表我能够回家了。

But I didn't waste my efforts these 2 months, can finally see the outcome, and i've been anticipating this day, This day does not only mean I'll be representative to distribute this new album, but also mean that I'll be going home. "

i've done some researching and i realised that everyone is creating a commotion cuz of this line by Hangeng. Everyone has been quoting this line of his entry.. and i feel so bad. Hanniie has been waiting for this day.. Super Junior M, and yet we're not supporting SJ-M with him.. but getting upset and angry over the ONLY13 matter instead. Yes. i, too, am against members being added in. But since Hangeng has put in so much effort, let's support him yeahhs?? And i hope that Zhoumi and Henry are not official SJ members. I juz want them to be only in SJM and no more. Sorry if I do offend you all, but this is my point of view. Sorry.

Please tell me what you all think about this whole issue and SJ-M. I relleh wanna know.