Monday, April 28, 2008

Pop Scoops

Super Junior fans buying stocks to oppose the addition of a new member [2008-04-28]

Fans of the 13-member group Super Junior are buying stocks of the band's management agency. They're doing this to be able to oppose the group's addition of a new member. Confirmed stock purchases as of March were 58,206 shares. These make up 0.36% of the agency's stocks. But while these stockholders have begun actively trying to have an influence on Super Junior with their opinions, the agency has said, "We thank you for your interest, but Super Junior is not a group with a set number of members."

Super Junior's Han Kyung to bear the Olympic Torch [2008-04-21]

Super Junior member Han Kyung will bear the Olympic Torch at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, from Aug. 6th to 8th. According to an Olympics organizing committee, he was chosen for spreading awareness about China in not only Korea, but Asia, and for his efforts to promote cultural exchange. In the area of Beijing in particular, only the region's top figures are chosen for the honor. This is definitely an indication of Han Kyung's popularity in China.

SOURCE: Arirang