Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hangeng plagiarized Yunho’s Checkmate for his new single?

Hangeng plagiarized Yunho’s Checkmate for his new single?
Hangeng’s (in Korean, Hankyung) very new Chinese single, Fire has recently fallen into plagiarism accusations to a K-pop song, written and sung and choreographed by his former SM-mate,Yunho of TVXQ.
Hangeng recently released the music video for Fire through Youtube, and the viewers couldn’t help but to notice strikingly similar features with Yunho’s self-written song, titled Checkmate. Some netizens emphasized the similarities by commenting, “Besides the fact that the lyrics are in different languages, the song is completely the same,” “Not only is the whole melody similar, but the songs’ introductions are entirely too identical,” etc.
Yunho’s Checkmate has never been performed on air, but was enlisted as one of tracks in TVXQ’s album MIROTIC. The song was revealed and performed publicly in February 20th, 2009 at TVXQ’s Asia Tour Councert MIROTIC, where all members of Super Junior attended to join the celebration. This clearly suggests that Hangeng was aware of the song’s existence. Check out the two songs below.
Fire by Hangeng

Checkmate by Yunho


Wow!! Seriously, it just sounds somewhat similar. Not entirely. If you listen closely, the tune doesn't really sound alike at all. If this is called plagiarism, than what do you call all those copycat boybands/girl groups out there? PEOPLE SHOULD GET A LIFE.

Yes I'm unhappy about it because, if you're an E.L.F or Cassiopeian, you would understand that at least a few DBSK and Super Junior's songs sound alike.. because THEY'RE FROM THE SAME COMPANY WITH THE SAME SONG WRITERS AND MUSICIANS!! like DUH!!

Anyways, this is NOT plagiarism. dance-heavy songs with dance/techno beats usually sound a little similar. I mean like, if you search other pop artistes from not only Korea but worldwide, you may find loads of similarities.

and i'm unhappy cuz, people are always saying Kpop artistes plagiarize this, plagiarize that, and they even accused hip-hop group Epik High, especially Tablo of plagiarism. But sadly, these people don't understand anything about music.

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but do check back for more updates to come next month.
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