Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hankyung is BACK!!

sadly, not with Super Junior though..

Hangeng releases Geng Xin solo album teaser

Having earlier revealed plans to release his debut solo Chinese album and a solo concert, Hangeng has now revealed the teaser for his upcoming album.

Ahead of his album release on the 27th of July, the teaser for his MV which was shot in New Zealand has been revealed, with a movie like storyline and high production values. Check it out below!


He's finally back. At least there's some news on him now!! He's just like Jaebum.. leaving the group and similar to DBSK.. coming back Solo. SIGH!! I wish these guys would come back as a group.. not as a soloist. Anyways, no matter what, here'ws wishing Hangeng luck on his career in the music industry. ^^
By the way, he's looking good!! ^^ <33333