Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hankyung releases 2 new MVs!!

Hangeng releases two new MVs for debut Mandarin solo album
After releasing his first MV, Fire last week, Hangeng has now revealed the final two MVs for his debut Mandarin solo album, Geng Xin on July 28th.
Unlike the his first MV which was really flashy and packed with power dancing, Hangeng’s two new MVs for his new songs, Say No and Holding An Umbrella are more down to earth and with some drama thrown in.
Hangeng’s new album was released earlier this week in China and he will continue promotions in the country. Thereafter the album will also be released in other Asian countries and currently, he is scheduled to visit Taiwan in August and Singapore (Malaysia to be confirmed) in September for album promotions.


OMG YAY!! Say no is such a nice song!! :)) I'm so gonna get the album!! And whoohoo!! HANKYUNG'S COMING TO SINGAPORE!! ^^ hopefully i'll get to see him this september!! ^^

andandand.. I MISS KANGIN!!
check him out!!
and when can i see Kibum again??
i miss him so much too!!