Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-12-09; The Future is Ours~Thanks Everyone Keke

The Future Is Ours~Thanks Everyone Keke

Everyone has been fine right? I've been really awfully busy and swamped with work these few days, just came back from a program recording. Went to read the news of the torch carrier and I felt very happy. Everyone's been working hard in voting, thanks everyone. And also thanks you so much korean fans, felt very touched by your blessings. I will be working very hard in Korea, showing everyone my best performance/stage. Love you all forever.
Being the 2008 Beijing Olympics Torch Carrier had given me a surprise, I've never even thought of this in my dreams, and it's also everyone's dreams, it's my honour to be a 2008 Beijing Torch Carrier. I will help to bring this dream of everyone and complete this important task. I will bring China's culture to all corners of the world, I hope everyone and I will work hard in cheering for the 2008 Beijing Olympics, for every task of the Olympics. The future belongs to us, let's work hard together~~!
I love you all!~~~~~~~~~~
Thank you every, you guys have worked hard.