Monday, December 17, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-12-16; Going Home Soon I'm So Happy~

Going Home Soon I'm So Happy~
(When is everyone going to find me a girlfriend? I'm not even anxious, but you guys seem to be anxious. Finding a lover can wait~~~~~~~~.)

I will be able to meet everyone tomorrow, we've not met for a long time right? Keke~~
The thought of going back home makes me feel so happy~~~Hope that I will be able to give everyone an awesome performance/stage keke
Have a good rest today everyone, i'll see you all tomorrow~~
I love you all

ahh.. i'm late!! so sorry!! nehh~
hanniie's goin back home!!
lets wish him bon voyage yeahhs??
let him have a wonderful trip home.
hope he has a good time there ^^
Hanniie, takecare of yourself yeahhs!?
have a good rest too!!
oh and i forgot to add..
his cyworld is to pretty!! ^^