Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-12-22; Happy Winter Solstice~~

Happy Winter Solstice~~

My friend had sent me a message wishing me Happy Winter Solstice today, if not I would not have known it’s the Winter Solstice, keke…
So after my program had ended, I quickly went back home to leave a message for everyone keke~~ Wish everyone a Happy Winter Solstice, eat more dumplings. Accompany your parents at home and have a good chat, don’t go out running about~~~~ Hope that everyone in 2008~~~~~~ It’s still that same line, Hope for everyone to be healthy, health is wealth~(cultural right?*)
I love you all~~~~~

*i dunno how translate that part!! T-T hanniie help me!! ahhhh~ keke okies nvm.
well yays.. hanniie updated again. great. Happiie Winter Solstice everyone!!
oh and merry christmas too!!
ahh.. i think hanniie didnt have the chance to celebrate the winter solstice with his friends or family.
nehh~ poor guy!! let's hope he had fun okies??
Hanniie FIGHTING!!
韩庚哥哥 加油哦!! 我们都爱你!! 冬至快乐!! 你要好好照顾自己哦!!