Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Hankyung's Diary; 2007-12-19; Thank You Everyone,,Everyone Had Worked Hard~

Thank You Everyone,,Everyone Had Worked Hard~
I was very happy seeing you all when i went back to Beijing this time round, the warmth given by you all made me feel the sense of warmth. Thank you everyone~and I'm also grateful to the fans/friends who went to the airport, I know that there are some of you who stayed there overnight despite the cold weather, and after I heard it, I felt really very touched, but I also felt a little ashamed. I didnt know that i would be walking at the VIP immediately after getting of the plane that day, but when i went up the car i did think what would happen to you all? I have made you all wait for a day right?, kept on feeling uneasy. Came here to apologize to everyone. Hope that no matter when, everyone puts their health and safety first. It's because of you all that we are able to stand on stage, and we're able to get yesterday's award, this award belongs to us and everyone now, thanks everyone~
I love you all~!


man.. this guy is forever so loveable!!
lik forever so cute and stuff!!
and he's alwaes so grateful, so happiie..
ahh~ no wonder we all love him so much!!
I love you Hanniie oppa~^^

And i have one wish.
and that is for Hanniie to come here and tag!!
haha just kidding.. it will never happen..
my wish is for him to stay happiie and healthy forever!!

韩庚哥哥.. 我希望你回来这里看看!! 我在等你哦!!