Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hankyung's Diary ;; 2008-01-01 ;; Happy New Year~~~~~~

Happy New Year~~~~~~
Happy New Year everyone~~~Did I say it late? After the performance at 1AM today I went to eat, and it just ended not long ago, that explains why I was late in wishing everyone, I assume that some of you are asleep already right? Keke~~~I felt so embarassed~~year 2007 had gone, so lets forget all the bad things, and let the good things be apart of our wonderful memories, work hard to fulfil the unlfufiled wishes of year 2007 in year 2008, From today onwards we must all work hard to fulfil more wishes and miracle, even I will continue working hard in 2008, and bring more surprises to everyone. Happy new year everyone!!!!!!!!!! Forever happy!!!!!!!!!! Stay healthy~~~~~~
I love you all,,,,,,,,,,,,,Forever!!!!!!!

Aww.. Hanniie oppa is so sweet!! Happiness forever!! ^^
Let's hope that 2008 will be a better year for all of us.
Take good care everyone!!
Hanniie oppa we love you too!! ♥~
Hanniie oppa FIGHTING!! super junior FIGHTING!!
Happy New Year!! ♥

and sorry everyone if i made any mistakes.. cuz i was rushing.
i gotta go already. ^^ Cya!!