Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hankyung's Diary; 2008-01-11; ~!!!!!!!!

How is everyone doing? I have been doing recording these few days, so I didn't have the time to come up here and take a look,, Just now after recording I came up to see that everyone wants to go to the airport for the plane arrival, I thank everyone first, there have been changes in our schedule, and we would not be going back to Shanghai, so everyone don't go to the airport, now that the weather is so cold, I'm afraid that everyone gets the flu~~~Everyone relax because we'll definately meet at Beijing, hope everyone is always happy. Since the weather is so cold everyone must take care and don't get the flu~~~Your own health is important~~! Have a good sleep everyone, Good night!!!!
I love you all
大家过的好吗?我最近一直在录音,没有时间上来看看,,我刚才刚录完音上来就看到大家要去机场接机,先谢谢大家了,这次我们的日程有变,明天不能回上海,大家不要去机场了,现在天气怎么冷,怕你们一个个的都感冒了~~~大家放心这个月我们一定会在北京见面的,希望你们天天开心.天气这么冷大家一定注意不要感冒了~~~自己的身体最重要了~~!大家好好睡觉晚安!!!! 我爱你们
Oh Hanniie!! I miss you so much honey!! How sweet is he?? keke. Stay happiie everyday Hankyung oppa~ Don't get flu too!!
omg.. i'm so sorry that i'm late. been busy with school now that it's my forth year there. It's the most crucial year for me so.. please cheer me on yeahhs?? Hmm.. I'll most definately be late in all translations now.. gosh.. Hanniie will be so sad!! SO SORRY EVERYONE!!
There will be a change here sometime soon.. i guess.. so stay tuned for the change!!