Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Hankyung's Diary; 2008-01-22; Thank you everyone!

Thanks You Everyone!

I'm sorry for not informing everyone that i'm back! The weather's really cold so please take care, don't fall sick. I felt really happy seeing the warm support coming from everyone today. I have received everyone's present, I like them a lot. Thank you everyone! I hope everyone would use the money to help those in need or the less fortunate rather than buying presents for me. Let us share our happiness with them, let them feel the warmth. This would also be the best present for me. Hope that we can all continue to cheer for Beijing 2008, let's cheer for the Olympics!
I love you all!



whoo yeahhs.. hanniie updated.. ^^ i love you honey~ keke.. glad he's so happiie.. and he's so sweet too~ hoping everyone would help the less fortunate than getting presents for him.. man his heart is so.. omg i think he has a golden warm heart. ^^

honestly.. i dunno if i make sense in the translations.. been really busy and i'm slow in the translations.. i miss Suju already!! this will go on throughout the whole year.. T-T and i;m sick of studying.. but i;m sure Hanniie wants me to do well.. keke so i will. I will try and do my best!! ^^

^^ oh and thanks Mimi for telling me about this vid.. go watch.. its awesome.. and my first time actually hearing him sing a duet. It's voice it relleh good!! ^^ Cya around yeahhs?? keke ppl do tage more okies??