Sunday, March 23, 2008

Hankyung's Cyworld // 2008-03-23





Thank you everyone, you all have worked hard~~

Haven't been here to everyone for a long time~ Everyone had worked hard these few days~ Thank you all so much from my heart for the warm support, this time I came back and felt so happy seeing everyone, it's been a long since i've felt this way hehe~~~ But the one thing I want to day is, while eveyone is here for the event, please be caution, about your safety, so that we would not worry while performing. Everyone has worked hard these few days, thank you all, especially those in Shenzhen who gave me the warmth which i will never forget. Thank you everyone~~~~~

This time I've been selected as the Olympics Torch Carrier thanks to everyone's effort, I will perfectly complete the Olymics task given to me, bringing everyone's expectations, bringing everyone's dream to light the ceremonial fire at the Olympics. Let's all work hard together towards the 2008 Beijing Olympics!!!!!

I love you all~~~~!

`Carmen: ^^ omgomgomg Finally and update!! Gosh I'm so pround of you Hanniie~ we all are!! you are so great!! Looking forward to see everyone at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.. Jay Chou, Super Junior, 5566, Zhang Li Yin, and so much more!! It's a pity i can't make it to Beijing in August.. if only i could go!! But it's alright. We'll see everyone on TV.

Come on everyone, let's put our hearts altogether and give Hangeng our 101% or more fullest support!! Hangeng FIGHTING!! We all love you!! Do us proud yeahhs?? ^^

韩庚哥哥 我们永远都支持你!! 加油加油!!AJA AJA FIGHTING!!