Saturday, March 8, 2008


Super Junior members lip-lock for “entertainment”
Published January 27, 2008 Super Junior

It’s every Elves dream come true. Their precious SuJu oppas are finally out of the closet and are lip locking other members for the world to see. Now the Elves don’t have to feel bad that they can’t date SuJu members because these pretty boys are unattainable for a good reason.

The SuJu boys lip-locked as a part of an experiment during popular variety show Human Body Experiment. In addition to revealing their hidden sexuality, the SuJu boys also revealed their bare faces with flawless complexion. Despite the boys’ daily routine of sweat, makeup, and irregular rest patterns, Super Junior boys were blessed with some super skin.

Check out Super Junior’s lip-locking sessions and water ballet on January 27th.

SOURCE: Popseoul

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