Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hankyung's Diary ;; 2008-02-29





Don't Fall Sick Everyone~~~

I back at Korea already, these 3 days of activities made me really tired and this could be the reason why I fell sick~, but seeing everyone by my side all the time made me very happy, and blessed. I hope everyone would understand if there is anything you're not happy with in the activiites, I will continue to work hard to change more and more maturely. Thank you for the hard everyone for these 3 days, thank you all so much~~~ Hope everyone would not fall sick, the flu is getting very serious, everyone must take care, your own health is the most important.

I'm going to have my medicine and sleep, I'll go off first~~~~~~~Everyone take care!

I love you all~~

and i love you too hanniie!! keke. Oh dear~ Hanniie fell sick. Hanniie must take care alright?? When you're sick, we here are worried you know?? Do you know how much our heart hurts to see you sick?? keke i'm so dramatic lols. okies i'll stop acting lik dat. ^^ But anyways, Hanniie's really busy because of Jang Ri In's MV i guess. Let's pray for Hanniie to get well soon~ so that he would not be behind schedule. And hope his workload would lighten too~ ^^


Here are the videos. oh and by the way, the songs are in chinese.
Zhang Li Ying's [[ I Will ]]

Zhang Li Ying's [[ Lovers ]]