Monday, May 5, 2008

韩庚的日记 ~ Hangeng's Diary ;; 2008-05-04









Seeing you all at the Beijing airport today really makes the atmosphere fill with warmth, but seeing you all like this really makes me worried about your safety. Hope that everyone would put your health as your first priority.

This time we are at Hunan and we are against the killing of "xiaolongxia" (erm.. xiaolongxia is crayfish btw. oh and it is delicious!!), the 7 of us ate a total of 1000 over xiaolongxia haha. Korean fans who are going to Changsha must try it!~~~~~~~ Speaking of which thank you Teacher He, thanks for the longxia, have made you spent too much hehe~~! The members ate till their hearts exploded (lols??) hehe, wait till you guys have recovered then we'll enjoy the taste of beer and crayfish haha~~~

While filming in Nanchang, was worried about everyone's health. Because of the warm weather, and there wasn't any breeze in that area, afraid that everyone would faint, and also Kyuhyun haven't totally recovered, such a warm weather is hard for him to take, so he would often go down to take a rest, even with a body like mine I too almost felt faint let alone him hehe~ hope that everyone watching the the show would understand.

Everyone at the scene had worked hard and glad that nothing bad had happened.

Lastly thank you everyone who had helped in the publicity of <> Album. Thank you all those who had overcome so many problems and still supporting me. Because of everyone I will work even harder.

I love you all~~~~

Yays another update!! great!! sorry i took a long time. to update it here. He updated yesterdae and i only translated it todae. So sorry!! Cuz the mid-yr exams have started so i didnt have the time to translate it. Well, how sweet of hanniie~ i love him!! keke alwaes thinkin of others.

dun worry hanniie~ we'll all be here to support you no matter what!! keke. Sarang Haeyo hanniie oppa!!

韩庚哥哥 加油加油哦~!! 我们都在支持你!! AJA AJA FIGHTING!!

PS. Wish me luck too yeahhs!! ^^