Thursday, May 15, 2008

韩庚的日记 ~ Hangeng's Diary ;; 2008-05-14



We're on the move~~

These few days while looking at the news and pictures, felt very depressed. Sometimes I feel like going to help them myself in a moment of rashness. Let's quickly get on the move, to help the people and the children of the disaster areas, let them get over this scary disaster. Hope they can quickly regain their health, and rebuild their homeland~~~~~~~!

another update. relleh fast. anyways.. to update on all.. the death toll rose to 20000. It's relleh scary. Here i am goin nuts over the exams and complaining and the children dere?? they dun even know whether they would live to see tomorrow. gosh. I hope everyone is well dere.

everyone FIGHTNG!!
God bless all!!