Tuesday, May 13, 2008

韩庚的日记 ~ Hangeng's Diary ;; 2008-05-13



Hope Everyone is Safe~~!

Felt the tremors of the earthquake during our interviews this afternoon. It's the first time i've felt the earthquake..........! Heard about the news about it after that. I am worried for everyone. Hope that you are extra careful. Especially all the fans in Sichuan area as the situation is the most serious. Now i've heard about the updates of the injured. If they need any help, I hope that everyone and I can put in out best to help. Really cherish the memory of those who passed away. Prayed for the people in these disaster areas. And lastly, I hope everyone would take caution of your safety. And face these sudden disasters calmly. May you all and everyone be blessed!
I love you all~~~~~~~~~!

Omg i was worried too~!! Especially when they are in China.. I was shocked to hear that the earthquake hit 7.9 on the ritcher scale. Scared me!! The death toll is around 10 000 and above. Omg it's so scary. The earthquake went as far as Vietnam i think. I hope everyone is alright too!! May everyone be blessed. God bless all.

And Hanniie, pls take care!! We all love u!! ^^
Minna-san FIGHTING!!