Monday, May 12, 2008

韩庚的日记 ~ Hangeng's Diary ;; 2008-05-11





Happy Mother's Day~~~!

It's Mother's Day today, from my recollections I never seem to have celebrated Mother's Day with my mother, it's always me wishing her through the phone, and I never had to chance to celebrate it with her. Fortunately there is time today, I want to make my mother happy, and it's there first time i'm celebrating it with her, nervous hehe~~~~! (Ashamed~~~)

Here's wishing all mothers a Happy Mother's Day, and in good health. Hope all mothers are happy and blessed everyday. (Everyone should go home and accompany your mother, and buy her a small present hehe~~~ She will be really blessed~~)

I love you all~~~!

aww.. how extremely sweet!! right,, if hanniie feels guilty.. i'm even more guilty than him!! i didnt even by anything for my mum. aww i'm so bad!! i'm not a good child. and i did poorly for today's exam. I know i did badly. ahahahaa.. well i hope my other subjects are alright. ^^

and yehhs.. go get something for ur mom.

I love u mummiie!! ^^
and i love u too hanniie!!

Super Junior-M debuts in China and draws 1.4 million fans! [2008-05-12]

Popular 13-member group Super Junior's new unit Super Junior-M is garnering tremendous attention after debuting in China. To win over fans in the greater China area with a strict localization strategy, the group added new Chinese members Cho Mi and Henry to original members Ryau-wook, Shi-won, Han Kyung, Dong-hae and Kyu-hyeon, which makes for a total of 7 members. 1.4 million fans visited an Internet site over 5 days to check out a pre-debut new-member teaser. In response to all this interest, Super Junior M plans to release albums in China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and other parts of Asia, thereby actively starting their promotional work.

Source: Arirang

oh and their names are spelt wrongly. It's Zhoumi (Jumyuk.. i thinkk. someone correct me.), Henry, Ryeowook, Siwon (Shiwon is correct too~!), Han Kyung (at least Hanniie's name is right!! or call him Hangeng too!!), Donghae (correct too!!), and Kyuhyun. ^^